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Meet the legislators ready to "Make America Great Again"

Kevin King

Kevin King

Feb 11, 2017

With red hats and hashtags, President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” has become one of the most iconic brands in politics. What started as a rallying cry on the campaign trail is now the executive thesis of the White House. As MAGA grows in stature, more and more legislators are using the phrase to endorse and denounce President Trump’s policies and decision-making.

Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX-17) is the MAGA Ambassador of Congress

Rep. Flores has mentioned MAGA or “Make America Great Again” near 100 times, more than any entire state delegation in Congress barring the Texas delegation at 190 mentions. Whip. Scalise (R-LA), Rep. Long (R-MO), Rep. Collins (R-NY), and Rep. Pearce (R-NM) round out the top five most vocal MAGA legislators. Seven of the top 10 legislators represent congressional districts with a Cook PVI of R+10 or more.


New Hampshire state legislator wants to “MAGA” more than President Trump

President Trump has mentioned MAGA 446 times across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which sounds like a lot ... until you consider State Rep. Alfred Baldasaro (R-NH-111) has mentioned MAGA a whopping 662 times (Baldasaro made headlines in July for his attack on Secretary Clinton). There have been a total of 2,459 MAGA mentions by state legislators of which more than half are from lawmakers in New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Arizona.


75% of the MAGA conversation happens on Twitter and Facebook.

There have been 1,036 mentions of MAGA by Members of Congress. Twitter dominated the #MAGA conversation with 494 tweets followed by 291 Facebook posts, 84 Instagrams, 74 YouTube videos, 35 press releases, 31 emails to constituents, 21 floor statements, and 6 Dear Colleague letters. 


The MAGA Administration

Since taking office, President Trump has used MAGA as the rhetorical theme of his approach to governance. Whether it’s attacking major corporations, applauding Members of Congress, or challenging federal courts, President Trump often uses the four letter mantra as justification for his decisions. However, with the campaign rallies behind him the sustainability of the MAGA brand may face a more uncertain future.


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