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Quorum plays #CupidOnTheHill with "Bipartisan Valentine Cards" for Congress

Kevin King

Kevin King

Feb 13, 2017

"Roses are red, violets are blue. When I work across the aisle, I choose you!"


That's right, love is in the air on Capitol Hill! This Valentine’s Day, the Quorum team created “Bipartisan Valentine Cards” for Congress by matching members with the member of the opposite party that has cosponsored their legislation the most. Here are the members who received the most Valentines.

Top 10 Bipartisan Valentines in the Senate and House

Sen. Collins (R-ME) is the bipartisan sweetheart of the Senate

As a 4th term Senator from Maine, Sen. Collins has established herself as the most bipartisan member of the Senate. Sen. Collins was the bipartisan Valentine for 21 Democratic Senators. Combined, she has cosponsored a total of 606 Democratic pieces of legislation.

Twelve female Senators made up 45 of the 100 bipartisan Valentines in the Senate

Despite making up a small fraction of the chamber, these 12 female Senators accounted for almost half of the bipartisan Valentines.

update senate.008.jpeg

Rep. Pete King (R-NY-2) is the bipartisan sweetheart of the House 

As a 13th term Representative from New York, Rep. King has established himself as the most bipartisan member of the House. Rep. King was the bipartisan Valentine for 20 Democratic Representatives. Combined, he has cosponsored a total of 325 Democratic pieces of legislation.



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